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Caring For Your Kitchen Craftsmen Kitchen

Kitchen Craftsmen want you to get many years of longevity from your kitchen purchase. Please take care of your product to ensure your warranty is valid. Follow the guidelines below to maintain your new kitchen and please give us a call if you have any other questions.

Express, Designer, Artisan and Ribbon Ranges; Craftsmen Range Painted Doors

  1. Cleaning should be regular and splashes with liquids or foodstuffs, etc should be removed as soon as possible. Use a damp soft cloth to remove dirt. Take care to ensure the cloth does not have debris that can cause scratching of the door and panel surface.

  2. Cleaning products should be limited to Bonlex Cleaner for Vinyl thermo-laminated doors and panels; or 2ml of mild washing up liquid mixed to 5L of clean warm water. DO NOT USE ABRASIVE CLEANERS. Products such as solvents, bleach, commercial degreasers or products such as ‘CIF’ may cause damage and will not be covered by warranty.

  3. Always dry your kitchen doors and panels after cleaning them with water. Make sure than no water has been allowed to ingress into joints as this may cause swelling and damage.

  4. Constant and prolonged exposure to steam and direct heat from ovens, kettles, toasters, boiling pans, etc can cause damage including delamination of the finish. This will not be covered by warranty. These items should be used in an open and ventilated area to allow excess heat and steam to dissipate fully.

Craftsmen Glass

In addition to the above points in Care Notice Section 1, your glass kitchen can be cared for using a non-commercial glass cleaner and a clean soft cloth or paper towel. Window squeegees are also suitable. Care must be taken to ensure than water or liquid cleaning products do not ingress between glass and the timber substrate.

Craftsmen Timber

In addition to the above points in Care Notice Section 1, your timber kitchen can be cared for using a soft dusting cloth. It is not recommended to use any degreasers or solvents although non-abrasive neutral domestic furniture polishes may be suitable. Always read the label of any product to ensure that it is suitable for use on wood.

Craftsmen Stainless Steel

  1. In addition to the above points in Care Notice Section 1, your stainless steel kitchen can be cared for using a non-commercial stainless steel cleaner on steel surfaces only. This must be applied with a soft cloth free of any debris that may cause significant scratching. Stainless steel is not sold or designed to be kept as a perfect mirror finish and general scratching is part of the make-up of the material.

  2. Stainless steel doors that have a lacquer finish should be maintained in accordance with the guidelines in Care Notice Section 1. Stainless steel doors with other non-lacquered finishes should be wiped clean with a damp cloth only. Care must be taken not to apply more than reasonable pressure when attempting to remove marks or stubborn dirt and stains.

  3. When used in an outdoor environment stainless steel kitchens may be susceptible to fading over time. This is not covered by the warranty. When used in areas of high salt content such as oceans and salt water swimming pools, ‘tea-staining’ may occur. To reduce the likelihood of this these kitchen cabinets should be wiped down regularly with warm clean tap water to remove any build-up of salt water residue. The stainless steel is Grade 304 and not marine grade. Non-commercial stainless steel cleaners can also be used on cabinets as noted in Care Notice Section 4a).

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The Kitchen Craftsmen difference is apparent from the moment you step foot in one of our five showrooms. For a start, all our team are experienced designers, who can listen to your desires, needs and budget requirements and transform them into the kitchen of your dreams – from the initial consultation right through to installation.

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