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Kitchen Appliances


When it comes to choosing new appliances for your kitchen, there are a few important factors to consider. At Kitchen Craftsmen, we understand that finding the perfect appliances can greatly enhance your kitchen experience. Here are some key points to keep in mind when making your selection.

Functionality: Consider how you use your kitchen and the specific tasks you perform regularly. Look for appliances that offer the features and functionalities that will make your culinary endeavours more efficient and enjoyable.

Size and Layout: Take into account the available space in your kitchen. We will measure the dimensions accurately to ensure your new appliances will fit seamlessly into your layout without any compromises.

Style and Design: Appliances are not just functional; they also contribute to the overall aesthetics of your kitchen. Choose appliances that complement your style, whether it’s sleek and modern, timeless and classic, or rustic and cozy.

When designing your kitchen, our knowledgeable designers will help you find the perfect appliances to suit your functionality and style. We will help you choose from quality brands such as:

Belling oven in new kitchen

Glen Dimplex

Glen Dimplex has over 30 appliance brands, each carrying a rich heritage that have successfully stood the test of time thanks to their unwavering commitment to innovation and quality. Among their esteemed brands are Belling, Baumatic, and Technika, all of which are renowned for their outstanding quality and performance.



Franke appliances are crafted to exceed expectations in terms of performance and style. Offering a wide range of product families, Franke provides customers with countless possibilities to bring their dream kitchen to life. Whether it’s a cosy and inviting space or a sleek and modern haven, Franke is there to help transform your vision into reality.

kitchen reno
european oven in kitchen reno


Euro Appliances offers a captivating range of ovens and freestanding stoves that seamlessly blend functionality with elegant Italian design, ensuring a culinary experience like no other. Whether you prefer electric or gas models, their oven and stove collection provides complete versatility for home chefs, catering to all kitchen styles. Experience the perfect combination of style and performance, elevating your cooking endeavours to new heights.


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The Kitchen Craftsmen difference is apparent from the moment you step foot in one of our five showrooms. For a start, all our team are experienced designers, who can listen to your desires, needs and budget requirements and transform them into the kitchen of your dreams – from the initial consultation right through to installation.

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