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How to Choose the Right Kitchen Bench Colour

If you’re renovating for the first time, choosing the benchtop colour to suit your new kitchen can be a daunting idea. Choosing from the wide range of colours available, knowing what colours are going to work well together and what to stay away from can be a pretty big decision in your kitchen design process.

The good news is that you’re not alone – our team is here to help you choose and match colours within your new kitchen. Plus, there are loads of instagram accounts dedicated to kitchen interior design so you can get heaps of inspiration to decide what you like – whether it’s solid colours or bold patterns.

Here’s a few ideas to help you make your decision:

White kitchen revovation perth

Match your benchtops to your cupboards

Choosing to match your cabinets and benchtop using solid colours can look stunning! If an all-white or all-black kitchen is your thing then this is the option for you. Matching your cabinet and benchtop colours creates a well-balanced kitchen.

To break up the single colour you might want to consider a mirrored or coloured splashback. Or, use coloured appliances and bar stools to warm up the space.

Neutral doesn’t mean boring

A neutral colour scheme does not in any way mean boring! This warm, homey colour scheme is timeless because you’re not choosing colours that are strong or overpowering. Cool and warm whites or mid-tone neutrals can also make a statement. These colours tend to create a soft and inviting kitchen that you won’t get tired of. Timber benchtops are perfect for adding charm, warmth and texture to your kitchen while complimenting any colour scheme, whether you’ve gone with a light or dark palette. Natural timber is highly durable and incredibly versatile allowing you to create variations in the texture and colour without compromising the beauty and natural charisma of the material.

Neutral benchtops allow you to choose bold coloured cabinets, hot pots and pans and accessories. Or, you can just keep it simple and go neutral throughout your whole kitchen.

Kitchen Craftsmen Grey Kitchen
Kitchen Craftsmen kitchen Renovation Design Style Perth

Go bold

If standing out in a crowd is more your thing then making a statement with your kitchen benchtop will be fun! Think black, charcoal, stainless steel, stone with stunning grains in it or even what some might consider a blemish but to you is just perfect. Our engineered benchtops are perfect for households that are looking for a durable and aesthetically pleasing material. They come in a huge range of colours to suit any interior design scheme and palette. Bold contrasts in your new kitchen can be used as a major design element and a talking point style feature and can be accomplished through a statement benchtop. 

Bold and dark benchtops are easier to keep clean and can be matched with loads of different cabinet colours. All you have to do is start imagining what could be and we’ll help you bring it to life.

Why not try a little contrast?

You may want to have another design element within your kitchen as the feature, rather than your benchtop. That’s ok too. Perhaps you have an amazing splashback design or a graphic you want to feature. In this case, you may want to choose a benchtop colour that contrasts with the other design features in your space to create a coordinated kitchen design.

For example, if you choose a bold colour splashback or walls, or have a statement feature that grabs attention, look for a more neutral material, such as concrete, for your benchtop to avoid having clashing colours and too many overpowering colours in the one space that can make the space look chaotic and draw attention away from your statement features.

Kitchen Craftsmen kitchen splashback bench and stools
kitchen renovation perth

Two-tone brilliance

One of the most popular design features at the moment is the two-toned benchtop. We’re talking one colour for the island and another colour for the rest of the kitchen. Consider coupling this with different cabinet colours too and you’re in for some real wow-factor. Think French navy cabinets under a laminex white benchtop. If white isn’t your style, we have a range of laminex colours in our collection that you can choose from to perfect the two-tone aesthetic.

If this is the option for you, we recommend opting for similar patterns and shades to ensure your interior design choices create a cohesive look throughout your whole space. 

We know choosing the perfect kitchen benchtop to compliment your kitchen design can be a challenge, and we are here for you every step of the way. Our team have years of experience helping the people of Perth design their dream kitchens. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you too.

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