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Kitchen Craftsmen Client Before And After Renovation Projects

Kitchen makeover - things you should consider

Kitchen makeovers are an exciting time, but completing a kitchen makeover will also mean change, inconvenience and decisions! But, the word makeover also means ‘to make new’ and if approached in the right way can mean a new start that gives life to all sorts of great things. Plus, once started we promise not to leave you without a kitchen for long.

At Kitchen Craftsmen, we’re passionate about helping you add value to both your home and your lifestyle. We’ll have you entertaining in your new kitchen in no time. And, with years of experience, we have the knowledge to make sure it’s designed to ensure it’s functional for you and your family.

There isn’t much we haven’t seen or done, from large projects to simpler facelift style solutions or from transforming dark and cramped spaces to vibrant and clutter-free. And, if you have the appetite for a larger project, we can advise on the removal of walls or even the complete restyling of your kitchen to another part of the house.

When deciding to complete a kitchen renovation, we will discuss the below with our customers to help guide their thinking:

  1. How do you use your kitchen?
  2. What’s your budget?
  3. When do you anticipate starting? Or, is there a date you want the installation completed by?
  4. What shape is your current kitchen? Do you want to change the footprint of your new kitchen with a completely new floor plan?
  5. What are your favourite features in a kitchen? Does your dream kitchen include a kitchen island, tile splashback or open shelving?
  6. Do you want to move any service points ie. Electrical, gas, plumbing?
  7. What are your must-have’s in your new kitchen?
  8. Do you have a style in mind? Do stainless steel elements, white cabinets, bright white walls and countertops or oak cabinets appeal to you?
  9. Are there additional works needed in your space ie. Demolition, wall between the kitchen, butcher blocks, flooring, tiling, painting etc.? Do you need want to move the place of major items like your oven or dishwasher or to accomodate your new kitchen layout?
  10. Do you feel you have all the information you need to make your decision? If not, please ask our expert Designers.
Kitchen Craftsmen Client Before And After Renovation Projects
kitchen makeover in perth

Our kitchen designers

Our kitchen designers spend most of their time thinking. Not about the design of your kitchen; they actually spend their time thinking about how you will use your kitchen. It’s this that drives the look, feel, layout and product specification. It’s pretty easy to arrange square cabinets into a room – but to do it so that it also ticks your boxes of size, budget and function is a little more complicated. Thankfully our kitchen designers have years of experience, which help them to reach your design solution relatively quickly. The best starting point is a conversation about what you want from your kitchen makeover, regardless of whether it’s a rental property or the hub of your own home. Simply bring your plans or kitchen measurements in to any of our kitchen showrooms and we can start helping you design your new kitchen.

Quality craftsmanship

We custom build every cupboard and benchtop to suit your specific project. Our master craftsman are known for their high quality, cost effective work and all of our products are Australian-made so you’re buying local every time. With our team of kitchen designers and cabinet makers all based in Perth, you’ll be surprised at how quickly and efficiently we can deliver your project.

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Ready to start your kitchen renovation project?

Simply visit one of our kitchen showrooms or get in touch to book your free consultation and we’ll get a Designer to contact you and we can start helping you design your new dream kitchen.

Welcoming showrooms

The Kitchen Craftsmen difference is apparent from the moment you step foot in one of our five showrooms. For a start, all our team are experienced designers, who can listen to your desires, needs and budget requirements and transform them into the kitchen, bathroom, laundry or outdoor alfresco kitchen of your dreams – from the initial consultation right through to installation.