New Trend Alert: Broken Plan Living

April 13, 2021 April 27th, 2021
kitchen craftsmen renovation blog broken plan living

Where once open plan living was king, now broken-plan living is making a come-back. But what does that look like for your home? Well, there are simple ways to achieve room definition and more complex ones.

The key to achieving this new trendy way of living is through a clever use of space. And, as with open plan living there are positives and negatives to think through before making this move. We took a more in-depth look at broken-plan living for you to consider.


Lighting is so important in your home design, just because you’re going broken-plan doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice light in your home. Consider installing internal windows to your home or skylights to bring in that natural light. This will ensure you’re still keeping the noise out but aren’t sacrificing your light.

kitchen craftsmen renovation blog broken plan living lighting

Or, if you’re going for an even bigger statement, why not consider glass walls and doors instead. This could be your best of both worlds solution: quiet spaces and loads of light…we’ll just leave that one there for you to consider.

kitchen craftsmen renovation blog broken plan living glass walls


If you’re an entertainer you might be thinking “but open-plan lets everyone be in the one space when they’re at my home” and that’s one of the great benefits of open-plan living. But broken-plan doesn’t have to mean you sacrifice that. Breaking up your rooms could be as simple as different flooring and décor styles in different spaces. This means you can still flow through the spaces easily and makes entertianing a breeze.

kitchen craftsmen renovation blog broken plan living socialising

Change up your furniture

You can use furniture to create divisions between your rooms if you’re not keen on making structural changes to your home. This will not only help you divide the rooms up a little but will also create private spaces within your home.

kitchen craftsmen renovation blog broken plan living furniture

Elevate Areas

A simple way of creating the broken-plan living look is through the use of elevation of certain ares, for example creating a step up to your kitchen. This not only highlights your beautiful new Kitchen Craftsmen kitchen, it also creates a cosy sunken living room. You don’t need to change material types for your flooring or walls for example with this idea because the step up/down creates that definition you’ve been wanting.

kitchen craftsmen renovation blog broken plan living elevated areas

Does your home have really high ceilings? Ever thought about creating a mezzanine level? This is obviously a pretty big structural change but will give you even more defined spaces and create a great point of interest in your home. Plus, you could get yourself another bedroom or office space out of this stylish addition.

kitchen craftsmen renovation blog broken plan living high ceilings

Partial Walls

On all the renovation shows we watch there’s never a shortage of the two way gas heater and we just love them! Imagine a partial wall in your bedroom with a beautiful gas heater that heats not only your bedroom but your bathroom or creates that definition between your dining and living rooms. Oh bliss!
kitchen craftsmen renovation blog broken plan living partial walls
Half walls also work to create more defined broken-plan spaces in your home. This could be a great addition to your kitchen space. It creates some room definition but also allows you to see your guests in the dining room and easily serve food and drinks over the half wall.

If you’re considering making small or large scale changes to your home and adopting the broken-plan living trend we can help! Talk to our expert team about your next renovation project, book your free consultation today.