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Choosing The Right Splashback For Your Kitchen

When it comes to designing the perfect kitchen for your home, there’s always plenty to consider. As one of the stand-out features in any kitchen, the kitchen splashback should be top of your list when it comes to the planning stages.

So, where to begin? A good place to start is our previous post about choosing the right material for your kitchen splashback. To add to that, we’ve got some great tips to help you make the right splashback choice. Let’s get started!


Decide on a benchtop material first

Feeling a little daunted about the sheer range of splashback materials on offer? You’re not alone. To make the choice a little easier, it helps to choose your benchtop first.

After all, there are generally less materials and finishes available for benchtops, making the choice far easier. Then, once you’ve chosen the right benchtop colour and material for your kitchen, you can go about finding a splashback to match.

Stick to a budget

To help narrow down your choice even further, it pays to decide early on what you’re willing to pay for a splashback, and stick to that budget.

Cost-effective splashback materials include tiles, laminate and acrylics. Glass and stainless steel splashbacks tend to be more expensive, so make sure you factor this into your budget from the start.


Choose a colour

This is the time to be real. Do you want your splashback to play more of a starring role in your kitchen, or are you happy to add that colour and vibrancy through accessories? If you want a bold splashback, consider keeping your benchtop material as more of a neutral tone, to avoid clashes of colour.

Just like choosing a benchtop, picking a colour scheme can also make finding the right splashback for your kitchen all the easier.

Consider the maintenance

Every splashback material comes with its own set of maintenance requirements. For many splashbacks, a simple clean with a damp cloth should keep everything looking good, yet some materials will require more specialised care. A timber splashback, for example, will need to be properly sealed before installation, while glass and stainless steel splashbacks will need to be regularly cleaned to avoid greasy marks and fingerprints building up. It’s definitely something to consider!


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Talk to the experts

Still scratching your head about what splashback will work best for your kitchen? Then make sure to talk to your local Kitchen Craftsmen experts. Visit one of our five showrooms to see some of our popular splashbacks up close and personal, or just come in and talk to one of our master craftsmen about the options available to you. For more information, contact us today. 

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