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Get The Urban Industrial Look

Family owned and operated, Kitchen Craftsmen was established almost two decades ago to help transform thousands of kitchens throughout Western Australia. Most recently we featured in the article, How to Create the Perfect Australian Kitchen. At every step of the journey on your kitchen renovation project we make sure the process, and the end result is completely unique to you, our client. This is something we’re very proud of and we love making every client’s journey with us as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

 To us a kitchen modelled around urban industrial style is the penultimate in cool! Urban industrial kitchens have been making a big statement in recent years, and they’re proving to be just as popular in 2016. This look is all about finding the perfect balance of edgy statement pieces with free-flowing simplicity, and if you get it right it will add a modern feel to any home.

In describing the style in their article, Bupa says: ‘Think engineered stone benchtops, concrete textures and minimalist, fully integrated appliances. Commercial-style tapware is hugely popular, which tends to incorporate user-friendly features like pull-out hoses, making cleaning the sink area a breeze.’


When advising on colour schemes for this design we recommend dark statement colours with contrasting grain timbers and black accents. The benchtop choice we recommended in our feature, engineered stone surfaces, provides an exceptionally high performing surface without breaking the bank. People often overlook finish choices, which are actually crucial to the overall look. Consider a matt finish to concrete textures, which complements this style well.

The next thing you need to consider are your appliances, as too often in our line of work, these are an afterthought, or lead the design rather than being incorporated into the overall look. If you’re opting for an urban industrial space, go for minimalist, integrated appliances which can be built in, and made to look like they are part of your cabinetry, which means no more unsightly gaps to keep clean around your fridge, dishwasher or microwave! Contrasting this with commercial-style tapware gives your kitchen a bold look and visual appeal, they are inherently practical, and make using your washing area a much more enjoyable experience.

Of course, all these features should be paired with signature light fittings and accessories to create an eye-catching space. Consider what each part of the kitchen will be used for and let this guide your lighting choices. For example, the chopping area will need a bright space, while eating areas may require something dimmer. As a finishing touch, open shelving also helps to create a sense of intrigue, while ensuring all essentials are within easy reach.


And there you have it! A serving of urban industrial at its finest.


Thank you to Bupa Australia for working with us on this project.


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