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Making It Yours: Personalising and Styling Your Renovated Kitchen

After the dust settles on your kitchen renovation, the real fun begins – personalising and styling this newly transformed space. A kitchen is more than just a place for meal prep; it’s a hub of daily life, a space for gathering, and a reflection of your personal style. Here’s how to add those finishing touches that make your kitchen uniquely yours.

1. Choose a Colour Palette That Speaks to You

Colour sets the mood. Whether you prefer a calming, neutral palette or bold, vibrant hues, choose colours that resonate with your personality. Consider painting an accent wall or adding a printed glass splashback. Even small pops of colour in accessories or appliances can bring life to your kitchen.


2. Mix Textures and Materials

Combining various textures and materials adds depth and interest. Think wooden cutting boards against sleek countertops, or a glossy tile backsplash alongside matte cabinet finishes. Textiles like rugs or even an interesting tea towel also introduce texture while adding warmth.

3. Invest in Unique Lighting

Lighting is both functional and decorative. Choose fixtures that compliment your kitchen’s style – industrial pendants for a modern look or vintage chandeliers for a classic feel. Consider dimmers as they’re great for creating ambiance.

4. Display Personal Items

Your kitchen should reflect who you are. Display items that tell your story – family heirlooms, travel souvenirs, or your favourite cookbooks. Open shelving is perfect for showcasing these personal treasures.


Kitchen Craftsman Green Kitchen

5. Incorporate Plants or Fresh Herbs

Greenery brings life to any room. Potted herbs offer both aesthetic and practical benefits, while fresh flowers add a touch of elegance. Choose plants that thrive in kitchen environments.

6. Match Your Handles

Swapping out hardware is an easy way to make a big impact. Choose knobs and pulls that align with your kitchen’s style, whether that’s sleek and modern or ornate and traditional, then consider that style when decorating.

7. Curate Your Seating

Seating is key in a kitchen. Whether it’s bar stools at an island or a cozy breakfast nook, select furniture that invites people to sit and linger. Comfort is essential, but so is style.

8. Add Personal Artwork or Wall Decor

Finally, adorn your walls with artwork or decor that speaks to you. This could be anything from framed family recipes to modern art pieces.

Kitchen Craftsmen Perth Kitchen Renovations

Personalising your kitchen is all about creating a space that feels right to you. It’s where memories are made and stories are shared, so infuse it with elements that make you feel at home. For more decorating tips, visit one of our 5 Perth showrooms or our Gallery page.

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