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What’s the Difference Between a Scullery & a Butler’s Pantry?

Ahhhh extra space, that’s what we tend to think of when we think of a scullery or a butler’s pantry. But these very fashionable spaces are actually throw backs to old English manors where servants would prepare and present food out of sight of the household and guests.

The increased popularity of open plan living means that all the kitchen mess is front and centre. A butler’s pantry or scullery solve that issue and are becoming more and more popular in order to hide the mess from your kitchen space.

Whether you’re an entertainer, have a large family or just have your extended family over for dinner often, adding a butler’s pantry or scullery could be the perfect solution to your storage and mess problems. But what’s the difference between the two? We’ve been asked this question a lot so lets have a look at both so you can decide the best way to proceed with your new kitchen.


A scullery

If we’re honest, a scullery is the storage space that dreams are made of. A scullery is basically another small kitchen in your home. It includes large and small appliances, wash up space and loads of storage and bench space.


If you’re a regular entertainer a scullery is where you’d send your caterers or store and cook your food for your guests. It essentially hides all the mess from your function and leaves your kitchen space for entertaining your guests.

If cooking for a large group is something you do regularly a scullery could be the perfect option for you. With appliances like ovens and fridges in both your main kitchen and scullery you’ve got loads of space to really cook up a storm and wow your guests.

Into making homemade jams, spreads, baked goods or anything really? The scullery will give you the additional space you need to really spread out whilst you’re prepping, hide the appliances away and also store the finished products without interrupting the kitchen use.

These days a scullery really is a luxury item but just think about how useful the space could be for your family.

A butler’s pantry

A butler’s pantry is a more modest and smaller space than a scullery. In the days of the old English manor, the butler’s pantry would serve as a space for the butler to ensure the food presentation was to a high standard before it was taken out to the household and their guests. 

Today, it’s really more of a storage zone. Think walk-in pantry but bigger. There’s space to store your microwave, kettle, toaster and more, along with your usual pantry items. And, it usually houses all the items you need to serve at your table like napkins, table mats, serving dishes etc.

What’s not generally included in a butler’s pantry is additional bench space for preparing food and there’s generally no water outlets for cleaning up. Some may include a dishwasher but this is where the line between butler’s pantry and scullery start to blur. 

As you can see, there’s loads of benefits to adding a butler’s pantry or a scullery. It’ll really just come down to whether your home is large enough to accommodate one of these spaces or if another solution is better suited to your space. So, whether you’re looking to add a butler’s pantry, a scullery or a hybrid of the two, our experienced kitchen designers can help you design the perfect space to suit your home and lifestyle. Book your free consultation today.



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