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The Ultimate Kitchen Pantry Guide

Whatever the size of your kitchen, your pantry should be designed for convenience, accessibility and visibility. It should be conveniently located at or near your food preparation area. You should be able to reach and remove anything in it easily, without having to move other items. And you should be able to see everything in your pantry at a glance – with nothing hidden behind or underneath anything else. Simple!

To help you decide which pantry is right for you, we’ve put together the ultimate pantry guide, showcasing some of the most popular pantry options.

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Pull Out Pantry

Tall, vertical pull-out pantry units maximise your kitchen’s storage capacity and provide plenty of shelf space with easy access to all your food and cooking provisions. They’re a neat and concealed pantry solution. We love utilising slim, vertical units like the stylish Blum Space Tower that offers access from three sides, with full visibility of your contents and easy removal. It can be tailored to your personal needs, with height, width and depth to suit you. Make use of their flexible shelf heights and inner dividers to get the most out of your space. Consider the tall Hafele pantry units, like their Dispensa Pantry. It slides out right where you’re working with accessible shelf trays that can be adapted to fit your needs. For under-benchtop pantry storage, the Blum base cabinet pull-out unit is another smart option for organising items, along with the Hafele Comfort pull-out base unit that’s slim and enables you to see and access provisions with ease.

Butler’s Pantry

Who doesn’t want a cool butler’s pantry? It’s one of the most desirable elements in a new home and kitchen design right now – and for good reason. A butler’s pantry affords you the chance to keep your kitchen clear and clutter-free for cooking and entertaining while keeping your important food and other kitchen items well out of sight. With extra benchtop space, plus cabinet space, your pantry storage is organised and neat. Use large pantry drawers with dividers, and above bench cabinets with shelving that is just deep enough to store one row of items so they are all visible and accessible. Your butler’s pantry is also the perfect spot for your microwave, and a built-in wine fridge!

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Base Cabinets

Base or under-benchtop cabinets with pantry drawers are a great alternative to hard to reach kitchen pantry cabinet shelves. The Blum base cabinet has brilliantly and flexibly designed drawers for organising your pantry items so that they don’t tip over or spill. Different depth drawers and practical inner dividers make this a great solution, and fully extendable drawers mean you can see and access items easily. When it comes to often under-utilised corner space, innovatively designed pantry drawers are the answer. Take a look at the stylish Blum Space Corner cabinet that uses all available space to give you fully extendable corner pantry drawers, so you can see everything at a glance. Another corner space-saving option is carousel storage, such as the gorgeous Hafele range, ensuring pantry items are all visible and accessible.

Above Benchtop Pantry

In smaller kitchens, storing your pantry items in cabinets and shelving above your benchtop is one of the smartest ways to maximise space… And you’ll have the cooking provisions you need easily accessible. For anything that is overhead, talk to our Kitchen Craftsmen design team about the innovative Hafele iMove technology that ensures you can reach things with the greatest of ease. For shelves overhead, remember that they should be just deep enough to store one row of pantry items, and just high enough so that the items fit. That way you make use of all the available space, and you can see everything at a glance.

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Walk-in Pantry

The ever-popular walk-in pantry remains a firm favourite as it’s practical and has ample storage. The trick to making it work best lies in getting shelving and storage solutions right to ensure you use every inch of space cleverly. Shelves of different height and depth work to store kitchen appliances as well as food. Think about the items you reach for most often, and ensure they’re the easiest to access. Separate smaller and larger items. Shallower pantry shelves allow you to see things easily in a single row, and keep them organised, and smaller items cannot get lost behind anything. If your walk-in pantry has space for built-in pantry drawers, this is a smart option.

Not sure which option is right for your home? Our Kitchen Craftsmen designers know pantries inside out and can help design a solution that suits your needs. Better still, get a stunning, custom-designed kitchen and pantry now with our latest special offer! Plus we have 0% finance options available*.
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