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How To Maximise Space In Small Kitchens

kitchen craftsmen kitchen renovation

Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t think big when it comes to making the most out of the available space! The best bit? Most of these space-saving ideas are quick, affordable and easy to utilise right away. Here are just a few of our favourite tips to maximise kitchen space

Kitchen Renovation Checklist: Don’t forget a thing!

Kitchen Craftsmen Perth Kitchen Renovations

Renovating a kitchen is in an exciting project that can significantly change the look and feel of your home and the way you go about your daily life. When considering your kitchen renovation design there’s possibly things you could forget upfront and potentially not notice until your new kitchen is installed. To make your life […]

Making It Yours: Personalising and Styling Your Renovated Kitchen

After the dust settles on your kitchen renovation, the real fun begins – personalising and styling this newly transformed space. A kitchen is more than just a place for meal prep; it’s a hub of daily life, a space for gathering, and a reflection of your personal style. Here’s how to add those finishing touches […]

The Craftsmen Edit: Tips On Cleaning Your Kitchen

scandinavian classic kitchen

Remember the feeling the first time you laid eyes on your brand new kitchen? We’re going to help you relive that feeling every morning with our tips for thoroughly cleaning and maintaining your kitchen. Reduce Clutter Sorting out cupboards and keeping surfaces clear not only gives the appearance of a tidy, organised kitchen but also […]

Give Your Home a Fresh Spring Start

modern kitchen renovation

It’s spring – a time of change and renewal, and a time to get stuck into those jobs around the house you’ve been putting off all winter (you’re not alone). So, if you’re looking to give your home a fresh start this spring, here are some ways you can get started! Plan the Perfect Kitchen […]

9 Tips For Creating An Organised Kitchen

kitchen craftsmen organisation tips kitchen drawers

When it comes to meal times, entertaining or just everyday use, an organised kitchen is always the way to go. Regardless of how much space you have in your kitchen, chances are you could always use more. We guarantee that investing time in organising and decluttering your space will really pay off. Clear Your Countertops […]

Does a kitchen renovation really add value to your home or does it just cost a lot?

farmhouse sink

When it comes to home improvement projects, a kitchen renovation often tops the list for those seeking to enhance their living space. But, there’s has been a long-standing debate about whether investing in a kitchen renovation genuinely adds value to your home or simply results in a significant financial burden. So, lets take a look […]

Kitchen Trends From The 1950’s To Today

retro kitchen style upgrade kitchen2

We all know a lot can change in a year… but how about in 73 years? Today, we’re going on a journey to see how much kitchen designs have altered since the 1950s – and what designs or features are having a revival in the modern age. 1950’s Design Hello, colour! From bright yellows to […]

The statement sink, is it really worth it?

bespoke kitchen sink

When you start designing your new kitchen, you think of the cabinets and the benchtops and perhaps the taps but the kitchen sink isn’t always the item you think about first. Some people love a statement sink and the look that comes with it, but others simply aren’t interested. Well lets take a look at […]

Trends We Expect To See in 2023

alfresco outdoor kitchen by kitchen craftsman 7

If you’re looking to take your at-home entertaining to the next step, then an outdoor kitchen is the way to do it. With the right amount of shelter, your outdoor kitchen can be utilised all year round, meaning there’s really no excuses for not getting your friends and family round to yours for a meal.

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