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Q&A With Our Designer: Stavros

Stavros is a kitchen designer with over 15 years’ experience designing dream kitchens for the people of Western Australia. Stavros can also help you build your dream bathroomlaundry or alfresco.

Today, Stavros answers some of our questions about designing a great kitchen and what trends he has seen lately.


So, tell us, what are you seeing a lot of people wanting in their kitchens at the moment?

In most cases, improved storage is top of the list. For many people, their existing kitchen consists of cabinets with doors and perhaps one set of 4 drawers, so more drawers and improved access to corners, along with a user friendly pantry is often called for. Next comes benchtops, with the popularity of on bench appliances such as coffee machines, Thermomix etc, many clients require additional bench space. Another important requirement is fridge space. Large fridges have become a ‘Designer’ item so making space in the kitchen for this type of appliance is also high on the list.

What kitchen trends are catching your eye at the moment?

For me the move towards thinner benchtops is quite striking, for example the compact porcelain tops now on the market, such as Dekton. There are some fantastic colours and patterns coming in, my particular favorites being the Industrial Collection. Used together with the modern matte black and woodgrain cabinets that are available really do make for an “eye catching kitchen”.

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What’s your favorite style of kitchen? Why? Is this style reflected in your own home?

Personally, I like modern clean lines in kitchen design, the handless look I find very appealing. This style though isn’t reflected in my own property, being an older property with open fire places, intricate cornices etc, at the time of renovating we made a decision to “Go Traditional”. We felt this style was more expected in our 70 year old house. Perhaps this is why I like the sleek and modern, it’s so different to what I go home to….

What are the top 3 things people should think about when getting their kitchen designed?

  1. Function. For many designers, ‘Form Follows Function’ however for me function is paramount. The room space has to work. You need to be able to carry out the task as intended but of course the design has to look good as well!
  1. Style. Don’t be afraid to pick what you want. The kitchen remains one of the most important rooms in the house, a lot of time is spent there, both cooking and entertaining. It’s your space so it ought to be a reflection of your style. We don’t all need to be the same.
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3. Budget. Consider a budget for your project, however you need to be realistic. A kitchen refurbishment is made up of many parts; cabinetry, benchtops, appliances, lighting, wall and floor coverings as well as trades labour. The cost of products may vary from supplier to supplier, however don’t forget to consider quality and most importantly ‘value for money’ when setting your budget.

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Tell us a bit about your favourite client project to work on.

For me, the best type of client project to work on are those where the client has a preconceived idea of their kitchen design, but are open minded enough to allow discussion and suggestions. I enjoy seeing these clients become receptive to alternatives I put forward that they hadn’t been aware of. Often these clients are the most pleased with their completed kitchen, glad that I had made the design suggestions that they clearly believe improved their room space. A happy client makes for a happy designer!



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