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Trends We Expect To See in 2023

The end of 2022 is so close and whilst we sit here and wonder where another year has gone, it’s also exciting because we can start talking about the kitchen design trends we expect to see in 2023. And can we just say, it’s going to be a good year for kitchen designWe’re talking enhanced technology options, bold colours and multifunctional spaces. 2023 will be all about increasing your convenience, comfort and personal style in the kitchen and we can’t wait to see your kitchens come to life!

If you’re wanting to take advantage of incorporating some (or all) of these awesome design trends we expect to see into your new kitchen talk to us today. Here’s our top 6 predictions for 2023:



Out with the traditional subway tile or other tile splashbacks and in with the slab splashbacks. These gorgeous statement pieces are not only beautiful but also easier to clean with no grout lines to content with – a major plus in our minds!

These sleek and stylish designs can go to the roof, around windows or just mid-way up your wall and really create a statement in your kitchen. Match your benchtops and extend the stone up the wall, contrast the stone types or use a printed glass design to really take your kitchen to a new level of personal style. Whatever you choose, a slab splashback will create a seamless and clean look in your kitchen.

Smart Tech

If you’re like us and the idea of smart appliances gets you a little bit giddy inside, then 2023 is your year! Think Wi-Fi connected appliances, voice activated (*squeal!*) appliances and smart touchless tapware – oh this is all so exciting!

Imagine being able to turn the oven on to pre-heat whilst you’re sitting on the train on the way home from work. How convenient!

And, even better, smart appliances are also generally more energy efficient than traditional ones and these days that’s so important.

kitchen craftsmen renovation

Organic elements

Over the past few years we’ve seen more and more natural elements being bought into the home and this definitely won’t stop in 2023. Natural stone benchtops and splashbacks, wood cabinetry and metal accents are all expected to be big style choices in the new year.

But what we also expect to see is these elements being carried into some of the smaller kitchen items too, we’re talking glass and wood bowls instead of plastic for example. They’re pretty and also better for the environment – it’s a win win.

Butler’s Pantry

A butler’s pantry, or scullery, is such a great addition to your kitchen if you have the space. We’ve previously published a blog looking at the differences and benefits of a butler’s pantry or scullery that you might want to check out. Not only do they add storage but can also be a dedicated food preparation space, a hidden coffee bar and can hide all the mess from your dinner parties.

In 2023 we expect that homes with the space will be including a scullery as a mandatory item in their design briefs. But not only that, we expect to see a lot more concealed or secret spaces requested. What do we mean by this? Well consider a door matching your cabinetry that actually leads to this secret space in your kitchen. The butler’s pantry becomes your completely concealed space in the kitchen and wouldn’t be obvious to guests.

kitchen reno Perth
kitchen reno Perth

Large Islands

With the rise of multifunctional spaces in most homes, we expect to see the size of island benches growing as the spaces in homes are redefined to suit how families use them. This means that whole family meals or even dinner parties could be held in the kitchen, removing the need for the traditional dining table and dining room.

Warm Colours

White kitchens will continue to reign supreme but in 2023 we’ll start to see kitchens getting a little more colourful. Warmer tones and bold pops of colour will be embraced over monochromatic, minimalist and, white and grey farmhouse styles. Or for those wanting the grey tones, we expect them to be warmed up a lot compared to other years, creamy whites and warm greys are definitely in style.


Want to take your kitchen from drab to fab in 2023 and incorporate some (or all) of these great trends? 

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