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Your Guide To Kitchen Inspired Christmas Gifts

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us! And if your gift list is fast running out of ideas, why not turn to all things kitchen for inspiration? A thoughtful gift to match every kitchen ‘personality’ is always welcome, whether it’s a gadget, gizmo or classic appliance.

Just as our Kitchen Craftsmen team does when designing a stunning new kitchen, think about the unique style of your gift recipient.

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The Entertainer

Go for oversize but elegant serving platters in classic white or bold, colourful designs. These are ideal for people who love to share mounds of wonderful festive delights like seafood. Large champagne and drinks buckets make excellent gifts, as do glass drink dispensers for serving up anything from mocktails to a cheeky sangria. Ice cream and frozen yoghurt makers are a treat for entertainers, and a watermelon slicer hits the gadget spot.

The Home Chef

Focus on a standout item for a creative chef, such as a blowtorch. This kitchen-inspired gift doubles as the ultimate accessory for browning and caramelising anything from meats to deserts perfectly. Quality cast iron pans are a good choice, and every chef appreciates good knives. Remember to gift a coin too, as tradition claims it prevents the knife cutting the friendship. The recipient returns the coin as ‘payment’, making it a purchase – a great festive season conversation starter!

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The Experimenter

Here you’ll find passionate foodies seeking different things. Top of your list is the brand new Ottolenghi SIMPLE cookbook that’s bursting with inventive elements and unforgettable flavour combinations. (Buy two as you’ll want one!) There’s always the classic fondue set for this person, or you could fuel passions for a new culinary style with something like a wok set.

The Style Lover

It’s all about design and colour trends, so match your recipient’s kitchen style. Beautiful appliances like Smeg kettles and toasters hit the spot, along with bread bins or storage canisters in colours, styles and shapes that fit. Small items such as classic lemon and lime squeezers in bold colours add vibrant style touches, as do high-end kitchen linens.

The Baker

One approach can be an exciting ‘goody bag’ of small but useful items – think measuring spoons, whisks, icing gadgets, spatulas and a vast array of cake moulds. Or opt for a set of beautiful copper measuring cups, or a classic large mixing bowl in a colour to suit their kitchen style. Tiered cake serving stands are ideal for legendary cupcake bakers, and whose with those younger helping hands in the kitchen may appreciate a mini KitchenAid stand mixer.

Stand Mixer Kitchen Aid
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The Novelty Lover

You’re in anything-goes territory here, so how about a portable espresso maker that needs no power and prepares quality coffee anywhere? Or fun Pac Man silicone oven gloves, and a ‘Booze Bangle’ in rose gold stainless steel. Fill with your favourite tipple and have a wearable drink ready any time! If you must, balance fun with a responsible gift like stainless steel reusable straws, complete with cleaning brush.



Of course, the absolute best and ultimate gift will always be the gift of a brand new kitchen from Kitchen Craftsmen! So pop into one of our five showrooms to pick out your next gift. Our friendly team is waiting to welcome you and help you get started.

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